• I really enjoy these Mac related cartoons. I’d like to know who the authors are. They do great work and deserve credit for it.

  • I feel very much the same way. I still have my Mac 128, my Mac Plus, SE, SE/30, Quadra 700, 900, 840AV, LCIII, 7200, 8600, and G4 MDD. I can’t bear to part with them, and my wife still uses the 7200 for our banking and taxes! And I still fire up the G4 when I have need for Pagemaker when I need to do something I still haven’t figured out in InDesign CS4 or have to batch process a ton of pictures quickly in Photoshop 3 since I have all my most used commands mapped to my F-keys. I have enough Mac-related stuff in my house to start a decent Mac museum if I count all the peripherals.