A Rare Functional Apple-1 Computer to Be Auctioned in September

OWC can help you upgrade just about any Apple computer from the past couple of decades. However, there’s one model that a lucky collector will get their hands on that won’t be so easy to upgrade.

RR Auction will put a functional Apple-1 computer up for bidding on September 25, with the final price expected to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars (in 2014, an Apple-1 sold for almost $1 million). The Apple-1 was the first Apple computer designed and built by Steve Wozniak.

The computer, designed in 1976, originally sold for $666.66 and is one of only a few dozen still in existence of the 175 that were sold decades ago. Of those still existing, only eight or so are believed to be functional.

Find out more about the Apple-1 auction here: invaluable.com/auction-lot/apple-1-computer-5F445DE8DD

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  • I wouldn’t want it, even if it was free. With my luck it’d likely get damaged & be worthless.
    Not needing money I wouldn’t even waste my time fooling with it.

  • What about an Apple IIe? Are they worth anything? Have 2 of them, believe both work.
    Also have an original “Fat Mac” with internal “Hyperdrive.” Worth anything?