• When I go to bed, I put my Mac-Mini (late 2012) to “sleep”. I’ve been doing this for years, so that in the morning I hit any key and ‘awaken’ the Mac for use. After upgrading to Mojave, I can put the computer to sleep for short period during the day. However, when left over night, I am not able to bring the Mac back up, or restart it from the switch. power must be removed from the computer, and replugged, at which time I get the familiar tone, and the computer cold starts. I experimented last night with letting the computer go to sleep on its own, and the same situation occurs. So it seems there is a problem with the ‘sleep’ function and the amount of time the computer is asleep. More frustrating than the need for a cold start every morning is the fact that no key or the start switch does anything, and I literally have to pull the plug and remove power to regain control.

  • programmes which never opened on start up, eg word, excel, firefox now seem to radomly open up on start up
    also when trying to attach a file in the browesr sytem freezes and needed to manualy turn of and reboot

  • Regular TextEdit files I use are now opening in Terminal. Not sure why that’s happening. I can open them properly by dragging them to the TextEdit icon in the Dock, but it’s annoying.

  • My security&privacy doesn’t work at all. It couldn’t load at all. So i can’t fix my access permissions.

  • Make multi page pdfs from textedit documents, then print or export to pdf. Various dimensions, but all made the same way. Before Mojave, when I placed a newly made pdfs into iBooks, I could double click the pdf in iBooks and the pdf would always open in my assigned pdf EDITOR.

    – Here comes Mojave –

    If I make a pdf the same way as before Mojave and leave the pdf on my desktop, double clicking opens in my pdf editor of choice.


    Drop the newly made pdf into Mojave Books, double click the pdf in Books, PREVIEW app. Even if the default app is assigned to open in my editor.

    Mojave Books does not allow newly made pdfs to open as assigned, only in PREVIEW app.

  • Thanks for the suggestion on Bluetooth; it is very logical and I look forward to trying it, as the Bluetooth performance on my Macs has been poor for some time and seems to have worsened since Mojave.

    I already implemented the font-smoothing suggestion before seeing it here and it is very effective.

    Overall this has been the least troublesome update for me since Tiger (10.4) and the first one perhaps since Tiger that I’ve gone for it on the .0 release in the first week–a calculated risk but one I was willing to take given how few bug reports there were. And it works better than Sierra/High Sierra ever did.

  • Thanks for the update. I’m not currently using Mojave, but I saved the article for future reference.