• How do I get rid of…
    In Finder Columns view there is now, in the bottom of the file preview window, a circle with 3 dots and under it the word “More…”
    For some idiotic reason, this bottom panel covers up important file information when the finder window is set to the “default” size. I can’t understand why this would be considered an improvement. Wouldn’t it make sense to NOT HIDE this information? It just means more clicking (than High Sierra) to get what I need.

  • Quicktime preferences pane not visible in the File menu drop down.

  • Try resolve this :)

    One month old 2018 MacMini. Fresh Mojave install from factory built SSD. I didn’t move any settings from prev computer. I discovered weird deleting issue. If I restart system and use automatic login at startup, deleted files on external HDDs (under Forklift/Commander One) don’t appear in dock’s trash, but if I delete them from Finder window – they are visible. Let’s go back then to 3rd party manager deleting scenario. If I want make deleted files visible I have to open Finder window and delete another file from this HDD or logout/login with password entering.
    If I delete files on internal SSD, it doesn’t matter I delete them under Forklift or Finder. After logout/login with password I can delete all files (on internal and external drives) and see them in trash. So there are two solutions. First – Finder deleting only (deleted files always appear in trash. But I prefer Forklift using. Second – switch off automatic logging. Thos way I can use Forklift to delete all files. But why? On my previous MacMini 2012@El Capitan I didn’t have such problems.
    Anybody help :)

  • Hi, I recently purchased a 2019 13.3″ MBP (2.8Ghz quad-core, 16GB ram, 1TB SSD) with Mojave. Upon setup, I got it to restore back profile, files and apps via TimeMachine from my older 2011 MBP setup.

    Everything seemed well and I spent some time getting all the apps updated to the latest version (be it from Apple Store and 3rd party Apps). Older apps that were not compatible were uninstalled via CleanMyMacX.

    I’m encountering that when I start up apps, the beach ball (waiting icon) would appear and it would take easily 15-45 seconds (sometimes even longer) before the app would start up and run. Example of such apps, Main Stage 3.4, Microsoft Office Word/Excel (I’m using Office 365, so it should be version 2019).

    Has anyone encountered this long delay in app running? I’ve been searching online and some sites say users has encountered it but some others did not. Would like to find out more on the cause and if there’s a fix. (Note: On my old MBP running 10.13, it did not have such long waiting time and it’s only using the old SATA SSD).

    • The only thing I can suggest is that you start over again. Do a clean install of Mojave and create a new account with a different name than your old account; restore your data and old account with time Machine, but not your apps. Then do a clean install of your apps from the app store and the latest versions of your third party apps. You will, of course, need the serial numbers for your third party apps. Install a few apps at a time and check if they start up properly. My experience with an external SSD with my 2013 iMac is that apps start up almost instantly, so you should see the sam thing. You can also test by starting up from you old account to see it things work right. Sometimes old accounts will accumulate chuff that will cause problems after an upgrade. If things doesn’t work right you’ll know this is the probable cause of your trouble. In which case you can start up from the new account. It will take some time to get your settings and preferences restored to the way you like them, but if the new system works it will be worth the trouble. I realize this will be a time consuming process; but something from your old system is messing things up. Unfortunately, repair utilities like Disk Warrior are not yet able to rebuild APFS volumes, like the one in your new MBP. So there’s no to be had help there. APFS support is “coming” but that won’t do you any good now.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. This did come across to me but it’s kinda like a last resort. The effort of ‘start again from scratch’ is something that is really time consuming. I’ll have to put this on hold for now due to the MBP being needed for several upcoming events. Need to organize the right time to conduct this without major disruption.

  • After updating to Mojave on my Mac mini (Late 2012), the full screen / window toggle in KODI either by remote or keyboard with CMD F (harmony one simulates same keys) logs out the system every time. The system goes black for 10 sec and then goes to login screen. I have reinstalled the system from boot, persevering data. I really regret that I upgraded. My perfect media center mac is now completely ruined ;O/

    Also The mac keyboard loses BT connection all the time, and its very hard to reconnect.

    I’m extremely unhappy with mojave..its completely broken. ;O(

  • I have the SMS problem in Mojave. I just upgraded to an MBPro 2018 with Mojave from a 2012 MB Pro running High Sierra. Very disappointed there is no fix for this. Worked fine on my High Sierra machine. Tried some “fixes” I found on Apple Forums. None worked. Nor did the 2 choices here. So now I am stuck typing SMS messages on my phone instead of my Mac. Nothing sends. Just get the red exclamation point and the name of the person I am sending to is also red in the iMessage window. It seems Apple is not paying any attention to this. This has been going on for almost a year now.

  • I am on an iMac desktop computer (late 2013). Since the Mojave update, suddenly everything in my folders has gone bonkers. The icons are tiny, and chaotically scattered all over the place. Sure, I can fix them, and I do, by going into view options and decreasing the grid spacing and increasing the icon size. Then I go into “sort by”, and select “name”. But it’s annoying and I shouldn’t have to do this. In all the years I’ve had Mac computers, the items in folders have automatically been orderly and of a reasonable size, subject to change if desired (such as if I am looking for a photo and want to increase the size).

  • Since the Mojave update, any image I save as jpg does not depict the image — it only has the generic JPG icon. I do a lot of work with photos, so this really bites. I can’t open a folder anymore and see what my photos are unless I open them up, such as in preview! I have read various “fixes” online, but nothing that worked for me.

  • Upgraded to Mojave, and now I can no longer close windows / tabs with Cmd-W.

    I need to use Cmd-WW !

    I am using the latest version of my browsers on iMac (27-inch, Late 2012) w/ 24GB RAM. I checked the system preferences and nothing seems off.

    • The Mojave install automatically converted your iMac’s hard drive to APFS. If you don’t have an SSD, that could be the reason you’re having problems. I have a 2013 27″ iMac with a 1TB Fusion drive. I won’t use anything past Sierra on it. Mojave doesn’t work very well on a regular hard drives I tested it on an external drive and it was slow as mud. Apple designed the APSF file system specifically for SSDs. I have Mojave running on a 1TB external SSD. I can’t afford at moment to have it installed internally in my iMac. Maybe when I get my Conovirus check from the government I may have it done.

  • the computer wont get back login and if it does its too slow to function

  • Mojave improved nothing. In fact, my mouse no longer functions as it once did. (I have tried more than one mouse. None work properly.).

    • Might be a changed or new setting with the mouse, what is wrong? Try to describe it, maybe someone can help, might even be me.
      That said, I own a Kensington Trackball, with special driver support, and I fear the next OS Version – for mojave I updated and driver is still working, but a new installation or the upgrade to 10.15 Catalina might change that.
      That said, I really hate the yearly upgrade cycle and jump usually a few versions. Still miss Snow Leopard, which to me was the best working version of Mac OS X.

    • My trackpad is also not working properly after the last update to Mojave 10.14.5. It is quite annoying.

      • My Macbook Pro (mid-2015) Retina has a great trackpad if it worked correctly. The Apple trackpad in Mojave 10.14.6 jumps around, gives a window the jitters, is sometimes unresponsive so it drives me insane. I am used to using a Kensington trackball but it is not compatible with Mojave. Does anyone have a constructive suggestion for this?

        • Might depend on two things:
          which Kensington Trackball you use
          and how you installed mojave.
          If you did an upgrade from a previous Mac OS version, it should work.
          Also it might help to look for new driver at Kensington (with some firms, the US or english language drivers are newer, if you are in Europe, like I am).

          Just checked:
          I use mojave 10.14.6 and a Kensington
          Expert Mouse which is a Trackball with 4 Buttons and a Ring to swipe up and down.
          Kensington TrackballWorks is Version 1.5.0.
          And the Settings are in German, which is correct, it is my language and also my main System language.
          On the webpage for the trackball, this is the newest version. With a date of October 18th, 2018.
          The support page says macOS 10.13 or above.
          If you try to install a KEXT which is not for mojave, you might have to set the security lower to allow that or during installation allow it.

          When you upgrade to mojave, older KEXTs, which are not signed for mojave get allowed automatically during mojave installation. That is my understanding, I may well be wrong, but the above driver for my trackball is working.
          If you have a different Trackball and need you different driver, then you might be SOL sorry to say.

  • Thanks for hosting this helpful site…

    I have just upgraded to Mojave (10.14.5 (18F132) on my Retina MacBookPro 15″ late 2015

    Speech does not seem to work – I have grown in the hobbit to use this feature a lot – when I highlight the text in e.g. Mail, then select SPEECH from the drop down menu under EDIT… START SPEAKING nothing happens…

    Do you have any fixes ?

    Best regards

  • After Mojave update my sound no longer works for anything. Internal or external or bluetooth. The “Headphones” show up in the Sound pane but I cannot select it.
    Siri started several times days after the update. I had never used it before.
    iTunes started and played my music a few days after without me opening it… again, no sound, just the little screen popping up to state the next song to play. I “quit” iTunes. It restarted immediately after so I quit it again. I guess it’s still off.

  • I just upgraded to Mojave and now the screen jumps around when I’m in Safari and, sometimes, I will be reading a page and it will rapidly scoot to the right and disappear! What is the problem and how do I fixe it. In easy terms, please. I’m not a techie!

    • Joanne hi
      did you find a fix? I have the same issue with all my apps.
      I read somewhere to plug the machine into the power point direct and not into a power box or surge protector, as I have NBN and maybe that is flaky, but still to test out. Let me know if you got any solution that actually works and stays working.

  • Colours on my Imac have become all messed up after installing Mojave. Bue is orange and light colours have become blueish.

  • On Mojave, suddenly, after being able to do it at first on Mojave, now I can no longer Save any of my Emails (either on to my desktop or into a file). This is a big problem for me. I can’t find any Help Aids that address this. Please Help! (Everything also takes forever now. My iMac moves sooo slowly. But I’ll try one of the suggested ways to fix that which I’ve seen.). Thanks!

  • I’m now unable to play a cd using my external superdrive. I have a stereo good enough to tell the difference, and I don’t want to have to reimport all of my music in AIFF format (storage requirements notwithstanding.)

    • The macOS has long been picky about recognizing external drives as Superdrives. There have been other reports about Mojave not recognizing drives that used to work, so clearly this problem has gotten worse with time. When this happened with a Blue-ray drive that I bought some years ago, I called Otherworld for a DVD drive that they certified would work with the OS I was using at the time. You may have to do the same. Otherworld drives are much less expensive that Apple branded Superdrives, by the way.

  • When I get a picture sent to me in imessage and I want to look at it bigger (on my mac) I have to hold control, click the pic, scroll to open, choose run service, and then it opens. I never had to do that before. why?! how can I fix it?

  • I’ve lost location services after updating from 10.14.2. Have tried restarting, unselecting in system preferences, nothing. No maps, night shift, weather, auto time zone. Even tried making a new user to troubleshoot. I’m imagining this is a .plist file issue as well?