• Upgrade uneventful, the only weird thing was that I had to power-cycle a USB hub to get the attached devices to be visible to the computer. Performance is fine and I have not experienced any issues with any of my software. I really appreciate the new privacy and security features in Mojave.

  • Among other things, erasing and partitioning an APFS volume can be a trial. The only way to do it seems to be to initialize the volume. And the only utility I’ve found that can do that is Drive Genius. Containers are more trouble than they are worth in my opinion.

    That said, I recently bought an external 1TB USB3 SSD. I partitioned it (with some difficulty; the new Disk Utility makes that more challenging, too). Using multiple containers, rather than partitions, is way to complex for me. Maybe someday, if I live long enough. Anyway, I installed Mojave on two partitions: One to test a clone of my system to see what issues arise. The second I use as a Mojave utility disk, with a selection of drive utilities—though many of them are not optimized for APFS yet. The third partition is for file archives I use for updates.

    The external SSD starts up slowly; my computer appears to have trouble finding it. Once it reaches the Finder things speed up substantially (I have a lot of startup items). However, Mojave runs much faster on the SSD than it does on an external HDD. With a mechanical hard drive formatted either as HSF+ of APFS, Mojave runs poorly. I haven’t yet tested it on my iMac’s Fusion Drive. That will be a major project.

    Not surprisingly, perhaps, the SSD is faster than my Fusion Drive. Routine operations are almost instantaneous. People using Mac laptops may already be used to this. I don’t know whether to credit this speed to the SSD or to Mojave—or both. At any rate, Mojave is fast on my SSD.

    Given my experience, I can only wonder at those who find Mojave to be slow. Perhaps they are using a HDD rather than an SSD. That would track. If they are on an SSD, then something is seriously wrong with their system, probably dating back to before they upgraded to Mojave. In my experience many people upgrade carelessly, without doing routine maintenance first. One solution has always been to apply a Combo Update. If you’ve already updated to Mojave 10.12.4, you may have to wait for the next update. I’ve found that recent Combo updates will not run on a system that’s already been updated. When macOS 10.12.5 comes out, or if you haven’t already updated to 10.12.4, don’t use Mojave’s update utility. Instead wait till the Combo update is available from Apple; download and install that. It does a more complete rewrite of the system and often solves invisible problems.

    One issue I’ve found is that the Mojave upgrade kills my Office 2011 license. When I have the time I’ll have to use their automated phone service to reauthorize my license. This is not a particular Mojave issue. I’ve run into it before with previous OS upgrades. Pain. This can happen with old versions of Adobe software, too, so Microsoft is not the only miscreant here. And reauthorizing an Adobe license is even more trouble.

    It’s been said before, but not all Mojave problems are Apple’s fault. If your software is not up to date, you are asking for trouble. Of course, compatible software updates can be slow in coming, or not forthcoming at all. Sometimes developers just can’t be bothered maintaining their software. So users have to scrounge for replacements, or do without.

    If you are not willing to adapt to these kinds of changes, the best policy is to put off upgrading your operating system as long as possible. In my case, Apple will be supporting my OS, Sierra, for another year. More than that, one would have to run naked, so to speak, or pay for some malware protection software. That could be more expensive than paying for replacement software.

    In sum, caveat emptor.

  • Citrix receiver has developed a number of productivity crippling problems under Mojave when connected to the remote server apps: buttons disappear,freezes, hangs and failures to use remote apps at all; using the Citrix upgrade is probably worse. Problem completely solved by downgrading to High Sierra.

  • Thunderbolt port no longer has audio, only video to HDMI port.

  • My late 2017 build MacBook Pro is losing data in iTunes. I have an “Audible” book account that downloads my books into iTunes. I verify the books are in iTunes by playing a short 30 sec piece from each one downloaded.
    A few weeks later I go to my audiobook library and more than half the books are gone. The artwork has vanished, but there is still a title and a place marker where the book should be. When I click play on the marker a message pops up saying: (The audiobook (title of book) could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it)?
    I tried to find it but had no luck,(not the most computer literate person).
    This loss of data has happened twice now. The first time not as many titles were missing so I downloaded my missing books again. This time more than half of the books are missing.
    I could understand if this were an inexpensive chrome book or a poorly written app but for the money I expect better from Apple.
    iTunes is one of Apples main premier programs, one that made Apple famous and desirable, if they can’t get their main programs to work on their own computers without the need for troubleshooting by the users ,WTF.

  • I had issues with Bluetooth after the update (speakers and headphones wouldn’t connect). On top of what is described above (deleting com.apple.bluetooth.plist and emptying trash) I also had to reset Bluetooth. You can do so by pressing shift-alt while clicking on the Bluetooth menu, selecting Debug -> Reset Bluetooth module. After that I deleted the com.apple.bluetooth.plist and emptied the trash. Then I paired the speakers again and finally things worked fine.

  • Mohave has broken the superdrive, it cannot read and therefore cannot write a blank disc. It can read those already written just not blank ones.

    • It could require an update to the firmware or driver..
      Maybe unplug it and plugging it back again will force a reset, if the reset button didn’t do it?
      The external super drives are easy to plug in and unplug :)

  • Any thoughts on whether Mojave has a problem with the operation of Google Docs voice typing? My laptop (not yet upgraded to Mojave) is fine with this but I’ve tried internal and external mics on my desktop – with Mojave – (and have also tried all the trouble shooting suggestions made on various sites) and I can’t make it work.

  • Hi!, I don’t know what’s new, but since Mojave runs I see my batterylife drop fast. Even when I’m not using it and have it on standby. Have you got any ideas?

  • hi
    After setup Mojave too much slow down my macbook air. Even backup of my files take near 1 day only 23GB. Terrible. How can i return back previous software? please help.

  • I installed Mohave and it shut down my USB ports. I’ve tried the suggested fixes and none work.

  • running iMac 2015 with Mojave. Ever since I have installed Mojave the computer just arbitrarily restarts itself. Happens about every 2-3 hours. If there is a program open it prevents it from doing this. I have turned off all settings that allow computer to shut down and it is still doing it.

  • Using a MBA from 2013. I have rarely ever seen a spinning rainbow beachball on this machine. Since “upgrading” to Mojave, I get constant beachballs, apps “not responding,” failure to recognize mouse. It is a $hit$how, from my perspective. If I didn’t know better, I would think Apple “broke” my old computer so I would need to upgrade THAT, as well. I have 8gb ram and 500gb SSD. 1.7 ghz I7 processor. I have been REALLY happy with this computer until this past week. I went from a mountaintop experience to being lost in the desert.

    • I had a similar beachball problem on my MacBook Pro 2016 after installing Mojave. Solved it by signing out of iCloud and not doing any more iCloud syncing.

    • To nail the problem before mojave I would have suggested the Konsole, but this near useless in mojave, although a glance to it cannot hurt.
      Instead I suggest using “Activity Monitor” to find out what is using system performance. If it is not some real problem (faulty harddisk), my guess is, some file is crashing mdimporter, which means Spotlight.
      If that is the case it might be hard work to find the file (maybe broken or not working) and moving or deleting it.
      Another thing to try (google a step-by-step instruction-guide for this, i may miss something from memory):
      – stopping your hardisk(s) using spotlight by moving them in the System settings for Spotlight to “Privacy” (which will not index them).
      – close System Settings
      – reboot (just to be save, may not be necessary)
      – remove the harddisk(s) from the same System settings, which will build the index
      – close System Settings
      If possible do not use the computer for some time (maybe hours or even days), so the Spotlight index can be built. Not sure wether there is way to control that in mojave, tools I used before (jumped from Yosemite to mojave) do not work anymore.

      It used to show “indexing” with the magnifying glass in the menu bar on top, but I have not seen that for a long time, that may have been before mojave.

    • Try looking at the finder index fix. When finder breaks it breaks a LOT of stuff. Try this: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7856488

  • “Find” function in Finder no longer allows me to type a name to search for. Clicking the cursor in the “find” window won’t allow ,e tp type in a name – so I can no longer search for a file or document by search word.The new “Find by Name” function produces the same result.
    Am I doing something wrong or missing some obvious error or is this function now disabled in Mojave?

    • Find from Finder Menu is a different view with Spotlight. If you just moved to mojave, my best guess is that Spotlight is not finished with indexing.

      Otherwise check your system settings Spotlight, what is (x) enabled as categories, maybe some are missing, I remember, I changed some. Also the Tab “Privacy”, where not to search, maybe the wrong folder or even a whole Volume is in there?

    • This is a bug. I talked to an Apple tech about it a few days ago and she took lots of diagnostics and screen videos on my machine to help the engineers figure it out. She’d seen it several times in the last two weeks. I haven’t found a workaround that fixes it for more than about 30 minutes.

  • I installed Mojave and now Word crashes every time I open and try to print

  • Before the upgrade, my Pages documents stayed on their designated desktops. Now, ALL of my documents are piled into one desktop every time MAC boots up, and I have to send them, one-by-one, back to a different desktops. How can I keep them in the right desktop?

    • I’m not sure about this, but I think you have to assign the application to a desktop to get the documents to stay there. Just moving the documents obviously doesn’t work. I suggests you quit Pages, then switch to the space you want to use and launch Pages there; then open the documents using the app, rather than dragging them around.


    I Just upgraded to Mojave with lots of problems so I am working my way through standard Mac troubleshooting techniques. You’ll need to search for directions at Apple Support.

    1. Reset SMC, NVRAM/PRAM
    2. Boot into Recovery Partition and use Disk Utility to run First Aid (maybe more than once if disk errors found.)
    3. Use Onyx (third-party, free) to clean caches and other old system cruft.
    4. Use Console to find CrashReports of incompatible software or kernel extensions loaded in system. Also look for errors writing to specific plists or libs.

    System hangs/delays are typically a sign that the system is struggling to read or write to something.

    Pro Tip: Keep notes along the way of *exact* error messages and filenames as well as your troubleshooting steps and their effect. Bonus: Screenshots (using built-in function or iPhone camera) are a good way to take notes – basically a photocopy.

    Best wishes!

  • Here’s one for you. Mojave reset something (I suspect in iCloud) which actually greys out the Messages option to Save messages upon closing. That means that if you want to keep your chat data, you will ALWAYS have to have it open, which I find enormously distracting.

  • One thing I’ve noticed is that spotlight fails to work within a document whatsoever. A 908 page text log I opened, so obviously one with many common words, you can type whatever you want into it even while staring right at it, like “bad” or “company” or whatever and it will return 0 results every single time. No matter what it is. The search is just completely broken and it was just fine before. I always regret upgrading my OS, but I do so on my laptop only at first because it doesn’t really make much of a difference. I keep my work desktop from upgrading for many, many months, usually even 4-6 months, because they take forever to have a working OS. I don’t know who would find this acceptable?! The worst thing is they prompt you to upgrade every day like it’s some high priority issue. Uhh, no, older OS’s are always more stable and always superior, until the new OS becomes old enough to BE an older OS.

  • Safari, and all internet quit working. I have no internet.

    Really not happy with upgrading to mojave or any other apple smart things.

  • I’m currently working with support. After upgrading last night, everything seems to be ok except I’m unable to unlock the security and privacy pane. After authenticating, the pane will unlock and lock immediately disallowing any changes to the firewall, accessibility menu etc..

  • I installed the Mojave app last night and now I cannot open the iMovie 9.0.9.

    Please help!

  • local host available, but can access local website

  • the drop downs in my microsoft apps won’t work… for example, i want to change the size of the document, when i click on the size button it won’t display the options for me

  • When I open Safari, Google is my start page. I can’t type in a website in the search bar and go to it from there. In order to navigate away from the start page, I have to type in where I want to go into the Google search bar, then when it pulls up the results, click on it and then it will navigate to that page. Also, computer is really slow now.

    • You could give Safari a different URL or set the “Topsites” as the startpage, this can be done in the settings of Safari (Apple + ,).
      My homepage is empty in the settings, so when I start Safari now, I see the Topsites. Previously I would start with my old opened Tabs, which I find more convenient. The mojave Safari screams to me to write to Apple about its changes.

  • I haven’t been able to post comments on other people’s blogs since I installed mojave. Anybody know why and how to correct this?

  • Can’t sync my ipad Pro after update.. Tries to download new software that ‘isn’t yet available from store’

  • Mac Safari is extremely slow, especially when commenting on Yahoo news stories. No longer worth wasting time on it. A thumbs up takes forever. Letters enter one at a time to form each word.

  • Beach ball and freezing all the time, tired of waiting, my internet is 200 mbps. But Mojave doesn’t care! Also google hangouts extension will not call out and the dropdown settings will not allow me to choose a microphone or speaker. I used to use hangouts for all my calls out, now impossible. Not sure if this is a google or mojave issue.

  • Upgraded to Mojave … love it ..

    But … can’t save to my external hard drives …

    In Get info I am unable to add a Name … the +- etc is greyed out … can unlock it ok, but not add myself to the names column which shows an old name.

    How do I resolve this … important as I save a lot of film and pictures to my External HD’s.

    • Which filesystem is on the external disks? If it is NTFS (Windows-Type), you need a driver. If you where previously using Paragon NTFS, you need the new version, even though it looks like the old one is still installed. It does not work anymore. This might cost you, and imho there is no update-price. Just bought it again yesterday for me. There may be free or cheaper solutions, but that worked for me for years, so I do not mind supporting them.
      They also have an edition with Linux-Filesystem-drivers and combinations of both.

      • Mine stopped working a week ago; couldn’t mount it anymore. I updated to Mojave a few months back and had it as Mac OS Journaled. I tried different things but ended up erasing it and reformatted it on my Windows laptop with exFAT. Now works fine on my MacBook Air with a USB connection. So why now that it’s not working?

  • My editing drop down boxes in Excel are no longer working. Can no longer change font, text colour etc

  • Mojave Mail v.12 was running fine but developed a problem with the “Flagged” Mailbox: it stopped showing flagged emails. Searched for solution to no avail. Very annoying! Any ideas (other than Rebuild which did not solve the issue).

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with a Mac and it has to do with iCloud. There is a message says that one of the helper files is not working or missing. I re-installed the Mojave OS twice and this did not help!

  • Mojave changed the font in Word of the Day screen saver to a non-serif font. I prefer serif. Can I change this and how, please.

  • A significant number of folks had trouble with Time Machine not fully backing up after the upgrade … the only solution I could come up with is to reformat the drive as ‘MacOS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)’ … unfortunately, you’ll lose your previous backups.

  • b-tree count errors in all 21 snaps shots: applejack and disk utility first aid have not been able to fix it?

    Also, Safari is freaking out with color bands on the top of the monitor when opening a new tab?

  • I can’t open a pdf and share directly from Adobe. I have to save the file, create an email then attach. Before, I opened the pdf and hit the “envelope” picture and sent as an attachment. It’s driving me crazy!

  • I am super irritated that iGlasses from ecamm, a purchased third party app that promised a lifetime of updates, does not work with Mojave/Apple’s Facetime and Photo Booth. Those are the two apps for which I purchased iGlasses because the camera supplied on my imac is beyond terrible. iGlasses brightened, sharpened and provided all the tools needed for a clear picture. I don’t want Apple to play Big Brother. If I want to use a third party camera, I should be able to do so.

    • Try the latest version 3.4.9 of iGlasses which works fine for me under Mojave for all support5ed applications (FaceTime, Skype, Photo Booth…).

      • I have the latest iGlasses version 3.4.9 installed.
        The following is ecamm’s statement:
        On macOS 10.14 Mojave, iGlasses will not show up in certain Apple (pre-installed) applications such as FaceTime and Photo Booth. In Mojave, Apple has introduced the concept of a Hardened Runtime and Library Validation. This prevents hardened apps, such as FaceTime, from loading any 3rd party add-ons such as iGlasses

        If Apple thinks they need to prohibit 3rd party cameras for security, they should provide either a better camera or tools to the camera’s settings.

        • There might be an explanation here : I’m running a Mac Pro and using a Logitech “outside” camera. All is fine for me. Might be an option for you if you’re on a MacBook or iMac.

  • Another issue I have found, color distortion. In particular, highlight color. I have always used the Yellow highlight. My Yellow highlight is now Brown. I worked with Applecare support, and we could not fix it. I also provided Apple Feedback a bug report, and requested they research, and provide a fix in the next Mojave update.

  • The app store app will not work with Mojave

    • This App is included in the OS, so it is from Apple itself, check, if you have somehow an old version you are trying to run.
      If not could be a reason to contact support.

      • The App Store works fine for me. But the interface has changed radically. As well, some updates didn’t show up, like some of the iApps, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. But I typed the names in the search field and it found the updates.

        The App Store, however, no longer handles macOS X updates. There’s actually a system preference for that. It might be worth taking the Mojave tour the system offers.

  • Criminy, issues like these are PRECISELY the kind of failures that infest the last 20+ years of Windoze releases! And now Apple is gleefully adopting the same moronic “development paths” as microtrash! Whadda Buncha DOPES! [Any wonder why my main production machine – a Mac-mini “Core i7” 2.3 – Late 2012 – is permanently moored at OSX 10.9.5? And, for that matter, my legacy software platform Mac-mini (“Core 2 Duo 1.83 Mid-2007”) still runs Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Stability, anyone?] If I wanted bleeding-edge software, I would use Linux! (And BTW: my Science Production machine runs Debian…]

  • My USB ports and SuperDrive are not working!!

  • Pages ’09 and iMovie ’09 will not work for me any longer in Mojave. I tried checking the Roaringapps site for information to see this is widespread, but could not not understand how the site works.

  • When I go to bed, I put my Mac-Mini (late 2012) to “sleep”. I’ve been doing this for years, so that in the morning I hit any key and ‘awaken’ the Mac for use. After upgrading to Mojave, I can put the computer to sleep for short period during the day. However, when left over night, I am not able to bring the Mac back up, or restart it from the switch. power must be removed from the computer, and replugged, at which time I get the familiar tone, and the computer cold starts. I experimented last night with letting the computer go to sleep on its own, and the same situation occurs. So it seems there is a problem with the ‘sleep’ function and the amount of time the computer is asleep. More frustrating than the need for a cold start every morning is the fact that no key or the start switch does anything, and I literally have to pull the plug and remove power to regain control.

    • Dear Earle, was encountering same symptoms thinking sleep mode had a problem in Mojave. After a month of trying all kinds of work arounds & problem showing up more frequently, Apple was called 4 times. Even went to senior advisors.
      We did it all and nothing worked, but when i took apart our late 2013 Mac Pro maxed out by the way, and gave her a DEEP DUST TAKE APART CLEANING, ALL WENT WELL, & this was the problem. The mac is smart enough to shut down when too hot. It never showed up on the hardware test, because we aways did that test on a new cool down day if you will, but this was definitely the problem. She runs better than ever now. It never even looked dusty because of it being so compact but o boy were we wrong & not Apple. Hope this helps you if you decide to try this. Thanks

    • Same Problem. Only overnight & sometimes it works correctly. Have used air duster on inside & still have intermittent problems.

  • programmes which never opened on start up, eg word, excel, firefox now seem to radomly open up on start up
    also when trying to attach a file in the browesr sytem freezes and needed to manualy turn of and reboot

  • Regular TextEdit files I use are now opening in Terminal. Not sure why that’s happening. I can open them properly by dragging them to the TextEdit icon in the Dock, but it’s annoying.

  • My security&privacy doesn’t work at all. It couldn’t load at all. So i can’t fix my access permissions.

  • Make multi page pdfs from textedit documents, then print or export to pdf. Various dimensions, but all made the same way. Before Mojave, when I placed a newly made pdfs into iBooks, I could double click the pdf in iBooks and the pdf would always open in my assigned pdf EDITOR.

    – Here comes Mojave –

    If I make a pdf the same way as before Mojave and leave the pdf on my desktop, double clicking opens in my pdf editor of choice.


    Drop the newly made pdf into Mojave Books, double click the pdf in Books, PREVIEW app. Even if the default app is assigned to open in my editor.

    Mojave Books does not allow newly made pdfs to open as assigned, only in PREVIEW app.

  • Thanks for the suggestion on Bluetooth; it is very logical and I look forward to trying it, as the Bluetooth performance on my Macs has been poor for some time and seems to have worsened since Mojave.

    I already implemented the font-smoothing suggestion before seeing it here and it is very effective.

    Overall this has been the least troublesome update for me since Tiger (10.4) and the first one perhaps since Tiger that I’ve gone for it on the .0 release in the first week–a calculated risk but one I was willing to take given how few bug reports there were. And it works better than Sierra/High Sierra ever did.

  • Thanks for the update. I’m not currently using Mojave, but I saved the article for future reference.