OWC Dock Ejector Safely Disconnects All Devices with One Click

Have you ever received a message on you Mac or PC after disconnecting one of your external devices informing you that it was done incorrectly? Or perhaps after reconnecting a device to your computer, found the files to be unreadable because you had improperly ejected it?

Disconnecting or turning off an external device without ejecting it first can make files on your device unreadable. Whether you are on the go, or have a lot of windows open on your computer, it can be hard to make sure you have ejected all of your volumes safely without interrupting your work.

It is even easier to forget to properly eject your devices if you are using a dock to connect devices to your machine. With only one cable connecting your computer to your dock, you’re used to just unplugging one cable before heading out the door.

With the release of OWC Dock Ejector you no longer have to worry about forgetting to properly eject each device you have connected through your dock individually! Now it’s just one click on OWC Dock Ejector, and when the progress indicator is gone, you’re good to go.

With both Mac and Windows versions, you can now protect yourself against improperly ejecting devices attached through a dock on both platforms.

OWC Dock Ejector allows you to eject all the volumes attached through an OWC or Akitio dock with a single click. It is always at your fingertips, and its icon is always ready for you in the menu bar on macOS or the System Tray on Windows.

It includes a progress indicator that let you know when it is safe to unplug your dock without damaging your files. It even lets you know when it is safe to unplug your OWC Dock.

OWC Dock Ejector prevents you from accidentally ejecting a volume while it is in use by warning you if one of the volumes attached through your dock is in use. It will even tell you what program is using it.

Installation is free and easy! You can find links to the downloads for both Mac and Windows versions at owcdigital.com/products/dock-ejector