New Video Updates: Mirror Drive Door G4s

It’s been a while, but the new OWC Video Team has released its revamped series of Installation Videos for the Power Macintosh G4 (Mirror Drive Door) & Power Macintosh (FireWire 800) models.

Though about 7 years old, the high level of expandability on these G4 Macs still make them great workhorses. I had a FireWire 800 model under my desk for several years, performing a myriad of tasks, ranging from processing Folding@home work units to duplicating CDs and DVDs to burning labels on said discs with Lightscribe.

Since they’re Power PC Macs, they can only run up to 10.5.8, but that’s all you really need for most jobs. If you can find one inexpensively, it makes a great “storage” or “workhorse” computer.

That’s why we’re glad to show you all the different options for getting these machines tricked out to their maximum potential. All you have to do is hit us up on our YouTube channel, visit our Tech Center, or even look us up on iTunes.

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