The OWC Dock Ejector: Helpful Features Worth Knowing

Image of OWC Docks, mackbook pro and iMac with OWC Dock Ejector software.

What is OWC Dock Ejector?

OWC Dock Ejector is a software-based solution that safely ejects all devices connected to an OWC Dock. It is available for both Mac and PC.

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A few OWC Dock Ejector features you may not know about…

The OWC Software team put a lot of effort into the latest release of the OWC Dock Ejector application and we are proud of what we have created! It has the quality and ease of use you would expect from OWC, and we wanted everything to work the way you’d expect without any extra complexity. Here are four features you probably weren’t even aware of.

The Menu Bar icon switches to grey when you select Graphite appearance

Screenshot of General Preferences pane with gray accent color circled.

OWC Dock Ejector is always watching to see if you change the Appearance color. When you select Graphite (the grey Appearance color), the OWC Dock Ejector menu bar icon will change to a grey icon, just as you would expect.

Screenshot showing the OWC Dock Ejector icon

The colored parts of the OWC Dock Ejector main window change hue depending on whether you are in Light or Dark Mode

We realize that some colors just don’t look that great in Dark Mode. The blue bar at the top of OWC Dock Ejector Installer main window changes hue depending on whether you are in Light or Dark Mode. This allows the installer to look its best no matter what mode you have selected.

Screenshot image of the OWC Dock Ejector Installation page in both dark and light mode

The online help is always at your fingertips

We know how frustrating it is to be missing information for an application you have just installed. That is why we include complete and concise online help with OWC Dock Ejector. The online help includes information on what OWC Dock Ejector does, how it enables the High-Powered Ports on your dock, troubleshooting tips and instructions on how to uninstall OWC Dock Ejector. The online help is even translated into all 7 languages supported by OWC Dock Ejector.

The instructions for uninstalling Dock Ejector are easy to follow

We know that you may not always want to have OWC Dock Ejector installed on your Mac. Let’s say you’re taking screenshots for software documentation or giving your MacBook to a colleague – you just may want to uninstall OWC Dock Ejector. If that is the case, there are easy-to-follow instructions in the online help, including a link to download the required application for uninstalling the software.

We have spent months refining and testing OWC Dock Ejector to make it easy to use and totally reliable. If you think we’ve missed anything, we welcome your feedback!

OWC Dock Ejector User Guide – PDF Download