Combine Digital Audio and Video with NewerTech adapter.

Today, NewerTech announced it’s new Mini DisplayPort with Digital Audio to HDMI Adapter. This adapter integrates the  video and digital audio output of Macs without Mini DisplayPort audio support into a single HDMI connection.

In the past, those who used a Mac mini in their home theater had to run two separate cables – a DVI-HDMI adapter or cable for video  and a Toslink to Mini Toslink cable for Audio. Now, though, you can connect your computer to your home theater receiver with one HDMI cable, while still retaining full surround-sound capabilities.

Owners of newer machines that support DisplayPort 1.2 specifications (which supports audio output via DisplayPort) can use the NewerTech Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter and get a single-cable solution, as well.

Like all NewerTech video adapters, both the Mini DisplayPort with Digital Audio to HDMI Adapter and the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter use superior shielding and thicker gauge cabling for the highest quality, interference free display output.

When you’re looking to find the highest-quality components and upgrades for your Mac, be it on your desk, on the road, or in your home theater system, you can’t go wrong with Newer Technology and OWC!

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