17″ MacBook Pro core i7 Unboxing

We just got our shipment of the latest MacBook Pro machines from Apple which means The OWC Lab has been hard at work testing, benchmarking and verifying our line of products. We took some unboxing photos and we now present the 2.66GHz 17″ MacBook Pro Intel Core i7 machine.

The box itself is sturdy, strong and of the same design Apple has been using since the MacBook was first introduced.  No surprises here.  If its not broke, don’t fix it:

A quick shot of the specifications listed on the box top:

Once opened, the laptop is wrapped in protective cellophane – no scratches on this baby:

The usual laptop power cords and documentation box:

The accessories. Manual, Cleaning cloth, Apple Stickers, Software License Agreement, OS X (version 10.6.3) , iLife ’09, power cord & power adapter:

Removing the protective cellophane reveals the pristine aluminum finish we’ve come to love on the MacBook pro line:

Soft padding protects the screen from scratches. Incidentally, on this particular model, we opted for the matte finish screen.

And here is the final product, ready to turn on and use:

Benchmarks are already available showing the base model versus upgrades to memory and hard drive.

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