Lola the Mac had a Mouse Attack!

When we spoke last “Lola” was all shiny like brand new.

Keeping Lola clean has been a breeze although now she is getting quite demanding.

For Mothers day she demanded a mouse! A mighty mouse at that!

Now, I love pets just as much as the next guy, but a mouse?
I procrastinated and pushed back as best I could.
Hey, times are tough.

So, at the last minute I quickly shopped and purchased the Macally Optimo Portable 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse for Macs & PC’s.

How convenient!
It has 3 Buttons, with a scroll wheel!
Easy as pie because it costs just $27.99.
As luck would have it, same day shipping was available.

While shopping for my Lola, I also found the Newer Technology NuPad Forever 6″ x 9″ Aluminum mouse pad!

Sharp, REAL sharp.
This mouse pad is made in the good old USA from precision laser cut, aircraft-grade aluminum.
It also has a lifetime warranty and only set me back another $24.95.

Lola was impressed and surprised.
She loves her new mouse pad and mouse so much that they rarely if ever spend anytime away from each other.