• interesting post. We are managing our mac devices using mac MDM ( https://scalefusion.com/macos-management-solution ) Which gives us control over the mac update. We don’t think we need to update to Catalina.

  • How can we mount the “Data Drive” in Catalina on the desk top so that I can drag folders from my desktop into the data drive for storage. I have my “Macintosh HD” icon on the desktop once I figured out how to do that, but the new OS won’t allow me to move my folders into it…like I could with Mojave. Then I read in this article that the HD is split into two, but I don’t see the data drive in the finder… HELP! I can’t imagine that I will have to keep all of my folders and projects on the desktop. I can see what Apple is doing, but they are making the darn thing more complicated and less fun than a windon’t machine. Please help me out.

  • I already made the decision not to update to Catalina because of the lack of support for 32 bit apps, but with the increased level of security, I wonder how much more difficult it will now be to install third party apps that require custom drivers or system extensions.

    • The thing about Apple…It USED to be the most user-friendly computer on the market. Now, I’m not so sure. They keep on making and forcing us to make all of these changes without consumer input. I liked my Mac because it’s easy to work on and not complicated. I too am getting tired them making so many changes that make it next to impossible to install and use 3rd party apps and programs. I’ve installed Catalina and I DO NOT like it! I’ve had Macs all the way back to the Apple IIE and GS and this is the least consumer-friendly OS they’ve come out with. Maybe they’re trying to force us to use only their apps, but that isn’t going to cut it. Maybe they should come up with a computer that is meant for people that actually need 64bits and leave the rest of us with a computer we can work with and configure for OUR OWN use…