• appreciated!!! my point of view is that never upgrade Catalina before your backup app is 100% compatible

  • interesting post. We are managing our mac devices using mac MDM ( https://scalefusion.com/macos-management-solution ) Which gives us control over the mac update. We don’t think we need to update to Catalina.

  • How can we mount the “Data Drive” in Catalina on the desk top so that I can drag folders from my desktop into the data drive for storage. I have my “Macintosh HD” icon on the desktop once I figured out how to do that, but the new OS won’t allow me to move my folders into it…like I could with Mojave. Then I read in this article that the HD is split into two, but I don’t see the data drive in the finder… HELP! I can’t imagine that I will have to keep all of my folders and projects on the desktop. I can see what Apple is doing, but they are making the darn thing more complicated and less fun than a windon’t machine. Please help me out.

  • I already made the decision not to update to Catalina because of the lack of support for 32 bit apps, but with the increased level of security, I wonder how much more difficult it will now be to install third party apps that require custom drivers or system extensions.

    • The thing about Apple…It USED to be the most user-friendly computer on the market. Now, I’m not so sure. They keep on making and forcing us to make all of these changes without consumer input. I liked my Mac because it’s easy to work on and not complicated. I too am getting tired them making so many changes that make it next to impossible to install and use 3rd party apps and programs. I’ve installed Catalina and I DO NOT like it! I’ve had Macs all the way back to the Apple IIE and GS and this is the least consumer-friendly OS they’ve come out with. Maybe they’re trying to force us to use only their apps, but that isn’t going to cut it. Maybe they should come up with a computer that is meant for people that actually need 64bits and leave the rest of us with a computer we can work with and configure for OUR OWN use…

      • I mostly agree with your comments, Jerry. But MacOS Mojave already handles 64 bit apps very well. I use many such apps. But I need support for both 32 bit and 64 bit apps.

        • Since Apple made the announcement long ago that they were dropping support for 32 bit apps, it makes me wonder what kind of support you are getting for your 32 bit apps?

          Do you 32 bit app vendors see a future in supporting MacOS applications or creating new ones?

          I wonder about their business judgement and future viability as a business. Don’t you?

          Yes, I have a 32 bit game I play on my 2007 MacBook on vacation.

      • You have been using 64 bit apps for years now if you kept your operating system up to date each year. Apple has been listening to users and at the same time cannot listen to users. A great deal of users were complaining about iTunes being bloated, now it is broken up now. Apple cannot listen to users because that would mean keeping old code that doesn’t meet current security standards, which means more potential security problems. Listening to users means keeping optical drives and old ports in computers. Reliability has increased by removing optical drives. 64 bit allows for more memory to be used, and faster processing. You can’t process 4K video on 32 bit. 32 bit code hasn’t been updated in years. You can still use 3rd party apps on your Mac and you will always be able to use 3rd party apps. Apple has to keep improving security, otherwise it could be known as a malware ridden price of garbage. The reason I moved to Macs is because Windows was virus hell, and I was always fixing friends and family’s computers. Apple gets reamed whenever there is a bug or security hole. Someday Apple will be moving to 128 bit CPUs.