More Flash for Portable Photo Gallery

A previous blog post by M. Chris Stevens gave you a tip to create your own portable HTML-based photo gallery using a keychain USB flash to tote around your photos. I also do that, but use already available solutions. I actually keep a tiny USB stick attached to my iPod case, which is a well-padded fabric case made by Booq. (My purse can be a dangerous place to store anything breakable!)

I love the Crucial Gizmo! Flash Drives that OWC sells and for carrying photos, a 2GB flash drive for $11.95 or 4GB for $17.49 are great deals. They easily can be put on a key chain also.

Funny thing though, LaCie just started selling keys with flash drives built-in. They’re supposedly scratch resistant, very sturdy, and comes in 3 different styles. One even uses micro-SD cards, so that you can interchange them. I got the imakey, which looks just like my car key without the computer rubber housing. The fob is very heavy though. It came with a small plastic cover over the USB connector, which I’m sure I’ll lose. Only time will tell whether it can survive my purse. In the meantime, the lighter-weight Crucial Gizmo wins out.

Oh, and by the way, if you prefer to show your photos in a slide show, complete with music, check out FotoMagico by Boinx Software, which is included in the new Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Pro and that is very cool. Of course, it’s Mac only, but a very easy to use tool to show off your photos in an entertaining way! I’ve tossed together long family slide shows in under an hour complete with my son’s original music. It came in very handy for a retrospective on my Dad’s life which I showed at his memorial service. Simple tools, fast solutions, things that work — don’t ya love it?

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