Mercury Extreme SSD Trouncing Competition in “The Real World.”

While we’re not quite sure how well it’d do on an MTV reality series, Lloyd Chambers (aka diglloyd) of the Mac Performance Guide has us convinced that the OWC Mercury Extreme SSD gives you the best performance for your computer and does it for a long time.

If you’ve read through diglloyd’s testing before, you know how detailed and thorough his tests can be. This time, he’s subjecting his test drives to some “real world” stresses, including what he calls “Severe Duty.” While the aspects covered are extremely advanced and specially tuned for those who need to eke out the last bit of speed out of your Mac, the consistency and reliability of the Mercury Extreme’s performance when compared to “the other guys” is quite convincing – even for those of us who just want to launch our applications a little faster.

Check out diglloyd’s findings at Mac Performance Guide. Then, once you’ve seen how great these drives perform, pop on over to our site and pick one up. You won’t be sorry.

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