• Updated to Catalina today on MacBook Air and cannot open anything, try to open finder and get a message saying it cannot be opened, cannot get to apple logo in safe mode or open anything??? Incl safari etc? Any ideas? Cannot even get online to search issue

  • Hi my catalina os not working
    When I restart pressd shift key for safe mode but it is not going on .its struckd what can I do ?

    • Catalina has brought a new feature after its installation and start up on desktop a file “UN replaced?items” after last update was installed my iMac didn’t recognise my login password it offered me to replace password when I tried this the screen changed to a locked firmware screen” big padlock with entry box beneath “
      My computer is a refurbished bought from Apple. I assume the password is a throw back to previous owner. I never set this password because of my bad memory and writing.
      Is there anyway to unlock other return for Apple repair

  • how about “relocated items” explanation

  • “If this solves the problem, open Users & Groups preferences again, add the login items back in one at a time, and restart your Mac after adding each one. When the problem occurs again, remove the last login item you added”.

    It would be great to have a utility like Conflict Catcher (Mac Classic)
    but for macOS now to automatically do the above procedure and much more.