Neill Barham – OWC RADiO

OWC RADiO: Neill Barham – Taking Mobile Filmmaking to an Incomparable Level

Neill Barham – OWC RADiO

Cirina Catania, OWC RADiO host, talks with Neill Barham, CEO, the guiding visionary behind FiLMiC Inc., and the primary architect of FiLMiC Pro.

With the advent of the iPhone 4 and its ability to shoot high definition video, Neill Barham saw a vision of the future where everyone had the tools to become an artist or storyteller. The company began working on the initial designs of the FiLMiC Pro in 2010 and has been relentlessly updating the app ever since. Under his leadership, FiLMiC Pro has become the pre-eminent high-end video app, used by filmmakers, artists, educators and journalists the world over.

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