OWC RADiO: Luma Touch and FiLMiC Launch Mobile Creator Summit

Mobile Creator Summit on OWC RADiO

Cirina Catania, talks with Terri Morgan, co-founder of LumaTouch, and Neil Barham, the guiding vision behind FiLMiC Inc. and the primary architect behind FiLMiC Pro.

Luma Touch and FiLMiC Inc. announce the launch of an ambitious free online educational initiative in direct response to the impact of Covid19 on the content creation community — The Mobile Creator Summit.

The Mobile Creator Summit – designed, developed and hosted by the teams from Luma Touch and FiLMiC – is an entirely free global virtual training summit designed to teach new mobile filmmaking, journalism and storytelling skills to content creators from all corners of the globe and who may have lost work as a result of Covid19.

Mirroring familiar conference speaking and presentation track formats, The Mobile Creator Summit will take full advantage of the interactive Live Streaming platform, StreamYard, to create an online presentation and interactive panel discussion format in a completely virtual environment and easily accessible to anyone.

Listen to the interview with Terri and Neil now at owcradio.com!

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