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OWC RADiO: Changing the Lives of Children With the Orphaned Starfish Foundation

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Over 15,000 children in countries around the world have seen their lives changed because mentors from the Orphaned Starfish Foundation arrived to empower their inner creativity. By taking away the thought that filmmaking is “hard,” and giving them simple but powerful tools, all the team has to do is train them and give them the inspiration to create!

Join OWC RADiO host, Cirina Catania, as she talks with Orlando Luna (Producer/Benefactor) and Andy Stein (Founder and Executive Chairman) of the Orphaned Starfish Foundation. They unveil the behind-the-scenes stories of how this organization came about and how OSF is now teaching technology, creativity, and story-telling using mobile hardware and software.

Listen to this episode about the Orphaned Starfish Foundation now at!

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