Upgrade Your Mac Mini (Early 2009)

Lloyd Chambers of diglloyd.com has posted a comprehensive upgrade guide to the newest Mac mini (Early 2009), titled: Apple Mac Mini 2009 — the Green machine. This new Mac mini offers the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics card, the same as was introduced with the aluminum “Unibody” MacBooks.

Apple touts it as “the world’s most energy efficient desktop, drawing less than 13 watts of power when idle.” Lloyd takes it out for a ride and confirms the lower power use when the base RAM is installed, but notes energy consumption is a bit higher when you max out the memory.

The article gives you all the information you need to turn your new Mac mini into a server or to upgrade it with a faster hard drive and more RAM. We make it easy to do these upgrades with a one-stop-shop page complete with installation videos.

The best news is the missing MacBook FireWire ports are found as an 800-FireWire port on the new Mac mini. Using all the OWC tools, RAM, and hard drive updates options; this machine comes highly recommended for many types of needs.

Plus, if you’re missing FireWire 400 ports for those legacy desktop accessories, no problem, our miniStack line gives you plug and play connectivity for those devices plus external storage.

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