Gary Rebholz on OWC RADiO

OWC RADiO: Gary Rebholz, Vegas Creative Software

Gary Rebholz on OWC RADiO

In this week’s episode, Gary Rebholz, Product Owner, MAGIX/Vegas Creative Software, takes a deep dive into the world of the VEGAS NLE and their full line of products. VEGAS Post, VEGAS Pro, and VEGAS Movie Studio are helping creatives be… well, more creative!

As VEGAS Creative Software training manager, Gary has written five software training books and produced countless tutorials, webinars, training videos, and every type of software training resource imaginable. After many years of teaching users how to use the software, he brought his expertise, and deep understanding of the industry and customer needs to the product management realm.

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  • Toast has gone side ways no Pres support. Vegas DVD is not Mac native. So I will have to use Bootcamp. Damn you Apple.