Incompatible or just inconvenient?

Putting out the "fire in a crowded theater"

Puttin' out the "fire in a crowded theater."

There’s nothing quite like a juicy Apple related headline to get the masses going all atwitter…yes the word definition, not the app! The latest case of perhaps blowing  a minor inconvenience out of proportion and getting Mac users unduly concerned was a forum posting claiming the 2010 Mac Pros are “incompatible” with some external hard drives, specifically “quad interface” models with Oxford 934 chipsets.

The fact that puts out the “fire” alarm on the world’s stage “crowded theater” is that the Mid-2010 Mac Pros will work with drives containing this chipset. The only small “concession” that users will need to make, at this time, is that they will need wait to turn on their external drives until a few seconds after booting. Of course, it’s practically a certainty we’ll soon be seeing a firmware update to address this very minor inconvenience, be it from Apple for the Mac Pro or from Oxford for their bridge chipset.

It just goes to show that the old adage could be revised to “where there’s smoke, you should look through it to see there’s no fire.” Or, perhaps, turn to the OWC blog to get the straight facts. They may be boring…but at least we don’t get you running for the exits. ;-)


UPDATE 7:09 PM Well, we couldn’t leave enough alone…we’ve tested every one of our Oxford 934 based solutions and none of them exhibit any operating issues with the new Mac Pro. If Globeman could talk, he might be saying, “move along, nothing to see…keep moving.”