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While the national elections are now well past (though there’s probably a recount going on somewhere) there are still a couple important places OWC needs you to cast your vote.

Meet Me at CES

First off, we’d like you to check out our entry in the “Meet Me at CES” Video Contest. Just view our video on the page (it’s the fourth one on the list,”Out of the Slow Lane”, featuring one of our esteemed bloggers…) and choose “Love It” from the two options.

Please note that you will need to register to vote. Sorry, can’t do anything about that. Don’t worry, though – it’s free and you’re not obligated for anything else.

You can vote on each video once per day so, in the grand tradition of Illinois Politics, vote early and vote often!

IGM 2010 Insanely Great Awards

Each year Insanely Great Mac announces its Insanely Great Awards for all the products it has reviewed over the course of the year.

This year, we’ve got five great products up for contention:

These are all great products that need your vote to get the recognition they deserve!

Head on over to IGM’s voting page, and vote for these offerings from Newer Technology and OWC!

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