What tech was under your tree?

Well, the Holiday gift-giving rush is finally over, and we’re betting that somewhere between the toad skin coin purse and your menagerie of Chia Pets, there was a nifty tech gadget or two under your tree. Or, maybe you bought yourself a little treat as a reward for making it through the holidays and keeping most of your sanity intact.

Whatever the case, it’s a pretty good guess you gave or received some nifty new gear within the last few weeks. I sure know we did…

What about you guys? What kind of cool gadgets did you acquire or give over the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Update:

    After chatting live online with Jose S. in Customer Service, I’m now getting a replacement unit sent and the defective unit is being sent back courtesy of OWC.

    THIS is the way all online stores should handle International orders.

    Thanks OWC.

  • I bought an Elite-AL Pro mini enclosure, and was so impressed by it, I ordered a 2nd one, and on impulse (plus some nudging from friends on IRC) I bought a 120GB OWC SSD.

    Now I have a sour aftertaste because the 2nd Elite-AL Pro mini I ordered is defective, and it turns out I’m expected to pay at least $68 in freight charges to ship back a $55 enclosure that’s defective. How does that make sense?

    I’ve placed 22 orders with Amazon over the last 2 years, and on the two occasions where defective products have been shipped to me, Amazon replaced them without expecting me to ship back what is essentially junk.

    Amazon is the standard I hold to compare and evaluate my online suppliers. I order goods online from the US, UK, and China and my own country, Australia.

  • I got a backup drive!!!

    Nothing says I love you like keeping your most important information safe! :)

    500GB DIY!: http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Seagate/YST9500420AS/

    My actual internal is smaller than my new drive by a little bit so I’m going to partition it to half the same size and use that half for a clone and the other half for time machine back up! Genius, right!

    I can sleep at night again!