Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual mini Gets Great Review

Come on, guys! This is getting embarrassing! As if raking accolades on our Mercury Extreme Pro Solid State Drives wasn’t flattering enough, now The Unofficial Apple Weblog just released a nice write-up of our Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual mini storage solution, which feature Mercury Extreme Pro RE SSDs inside.

The OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual mini features 14 pre-configured models with hardware RAID-1 “mirrored” redundancy for “live activity” data protection; or RAID-0 “stripe” for maximum data transfer speed. Each Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual mini contains two 2.5″ hard drives or OWC Mercury SSDs for up to 2.0TB of capacity, a “Quad Interface” of FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0, & eSATA connections for data transfer speeds up to 300MB/s.

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