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Things have been exciting here on the OWC video front. Not only do we have a bunch of videos that we’ve produced internally, but we also have some now rolling in from CES a couple weeks ago.

Let’s start with the latter. While we had a couple of interview videos to show you when we got back from CES, a couple more have come in since then:

We’ve been busy on the home front, too. Our Instructional Series of videos now includes instructions for installing the NewerTech NuVue Screen Protector for iPhone 4 as well as a new, cleaner look for the video page overall.

We’ve also got a few more exciting videos on the way, including installation videos for the OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express in a 2010 MacBook Air, the Mercury Aura Pro MBA in a 2008/2009 MacBook Air, and more speed shootouts.

Keep an eye here on the OWC Blog or on our YouTube Channel to get the latest updates.

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