A Matter of Trust

You can buy products from a variety of sites across the Net; but often you have to blindly trust that the company will honor the warranty, provide timely customer service, or replace problem products. Often, friends are your trusted vendor source. While it may seem an impossible task to identify the best place to buy, BizRate, a shopping and product comparison site, provides store ratings and has awarded OWC the BizRate Gold Circle of Excellence for five consecutive years.

We tell you what other customers are saying about us with monthly Customer Comments, right on the site. If that doesn’t warm your heart, than look to unsolicited blogs, written by a couple of Mac devotees.

For example, in his post, Doing It Right, Jordan Satok notes how seamlessly things progressed when he ordered a 1.0TB drive from us, even though it was a holiday weekend.

Larry Yaeger, Professor of Informatics at Indiana University, purchased multiple NewerTech Voyager Q hard drive docking stations that had the same FireWire ID numbers. He resolved his problem with a call to NewerTech technical support. OWC resolved the whole problem by initiating an ID fix within hours of hearing about the problem. Incidentally, Larry’s calls to another vendor’s support department went unanswered.

Whether you email, call, or request assistance on our web site, OWC’s tech support team handles every request with Miss Manner’s decorum. How many companies offer free lifetime U.S. based technical support — even on weekends? We do and we’re proud to offer you great products, at reasonable prices, with a full complement of support services. I know that I like their products and service so much, I now work for OWC!

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