And The Mac Pro Upgrade Savings Beat Goes On

I read a good interview on Cher the other day and when I sat down to write this post, her “Beat Goes On” duet just seemed apropos for this topic.

Now that Apple officially supports 64GB of RAM in the Dual Processor 2010 Mac Pro 8-core and 12-core models, I got to wondering what the cost of that upgrade would be compared to our own 64GB kits.

A 64GB factory RAM upgrade will set you back a cool $3550.

Wanna save up to 48% on that upgrade? Then just buy OWC kits priced from $1819.99.

You don’t have to have a top of the line Mac Pro to enjoy those level of savings.

The single processor Quad-core model maxes out at 32GB at a factory cost of $1775. OWC’s 32GB RAM upgrade for this machine runs $919.99…and savings of 48% again.

And those savings don’t even take into consideration our cash back rebate offer for factory modules!

If I can pound that drumbeat rhythm into any Mac Pro owners consciousness, it’s that you can save big money by upgrading your RAM with OWC.

To see all the upgrades for the 2010 Mac Pro models, just visit this easy to find what you’re looking for page.

Have a 2006-2009 Mac Pro? No worries, we have just what your machine needs to run its best.

And the beat goes on….

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