iPad 2 Unboxing

The all new iPad 2 models were released today and OWC employees were among the crowds gathering up our own. Here are some unboxing photos to enjoy:

[nggallery id=6]

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OWC Chris S.
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  • i still prefer the design of the first one.
    although the faster processor is a plus
    I don’t feel there’s much of a lag time… yet.

    i’ve considered upgrading mine to a 1st
    generation 3G model. but with the way
    the plans are it doesn’t seem worth it.
    but upgrading my 1st generation 16G to
    a possible 32G or 64G is possible. I already
    can hold a lot on my 16G but it wouldn’t
    be a bad idea to get one with more storage
    now that the prices seem to have dropped
    a bit.