Price Drops on Two Elite-AL Pro Models for Double the Savings

It may have been a while since our last Price Drop announcement, but we haven’t forgotten about you. Far from it. We’ve just been waiting to spring (no pun intended) a double-drop on you to make up for the delay. Well, the wait is over; we’ve got price drops on both the Firewire/USB and “Quad” Interface versions of the OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro storage solution.

Like all of our storage solutions, the Mercury Elite-AL Pro series offers incredible performance along with great versatility. Key features include:

  • Oxford 924 based performance bridge solution
  • Two 1394B 9 pin FW800 ports, One 1394A 6 pin FW400 port, One USB 2.0 port, One eSATA port (“Quad” Interface Model Only)
  • Two 1394A Pin 6 Pin FW400 Ports, One USB 2.0 Port (FW/USB version only)
  • Large data buffer up to 32MB
  • Fully bootable, ideal for applications, A/V, Photos, Music, etc.
  • Certified for Audio/Video and Time Machine
  • Attractive & compact shock resistant Aluminum design
  • Connection cables for all interfaces included.
  • Prosoft DataBackup III (OS X), NovaStor NovaBackup (Windows), Carbon Copy Cloner (OS X), and Intech Speed Tools (8.6-10.6.x) included
  • Fully Mac & PC compatible
  • Industry leading comprehensive 3 year solution warranty

Sure, that’s a lot of great features, but we all know that’s not what you’re really reading for. You want to know about the new prices. I suppose that’s only fair – we’ve made you wait long enough…

“Quad” Interface Models

FW/USB Models

Prosoft Drive Genius 3 Bundle Offer

Purchasing Prosoft Drive Genius 3 along with an OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro (or any OWC or NewerTech external storage solution) can save you $60 off the retail price of the program. Check our Web site for more details.


  • If you could make a thunderbolt bus powered 4TB SSD RAID for under $400 that’d be cool too… I bet it’d sell like crazy! …and don’t tell me you’d be happy to build it in 5 years :/

    Seriously though I am looking forward to a ThunderBolt to eSATA port replicator to make all these triple and quad interface RAIDS scream along… but first a SATA III SSD please…

  • @Roger: Yes, it would be nice to know an estimate due date. It would make the waiting much easier ><

  • Can’t complain about price drops, but it’d be nice to see the prices drop on the RAID’s too… Been looking at a second MyBook Studio II vs Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual Bay and the price differences are pretty extreme… I was hoping the 1+ month backorder on them meant they were getting replaced with tunderbolt models…

    Also I may be in a very small minority, but I’m actually hoping the next gen RAIDs have Thunderbolt, FW 800 & eSata. FW 800 now for my mini server… Thunderbolt for next year when my mini server gets replaced… and eSata just in case thunderbolt doesn’t take off like I hope.

  • Price drops are always nice. :)

    Now now the T word. Thunderbolt. With the port on laptops, and rumored to be on the next iMac – what are OWC’s plans for some wicked fast drives in the future?


  • When is OWC coming out with SF-2200 based SSDs?

  • How is the ThunderBolt model coming along? :-)

    I may not have a ThunderBolt equipped Mac in a year or so, but I do buy “forward” on accessories. For example I was buying the OWC Firewire 400/800 enclosures long before I had a FW 800 Mac.

    Of course considering how many Quad enclosures I currently have in use, I hope you are also working on a ThunderBolt hub as well as adapter cables. :-)