OWC…not just a pretty price!

When considering tech product prices, far too often price is the biggest deciding factor. But ask yourself this question, “what price do I put on value?”

While OWC has competitive prices on over 1,600 products, what we truly offer is value. And I define that word with high performance, high quality, and highly reliable products. Backed by award winning, FREE U.S. based technical support, FREE installation videos, even Live Chat support on weekends.

At OWC, you never have to wonder if you matter to us. Our unofficial mission statement covers that pretty succintly: To Serve The Customer.

And how many firms have the CEO reporting to the Customer on an organization chart?

So when that “pretty” lower price by a dollar offer sings its siren’s song to you, ask yourself if it comes with empty promises. To me, there’s not much value in making price the deciding factor in a purchase.