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Windows Phone with Cortana Digital Assistant

Windows Users Rejoice! Cortana is Heading to iPhone

It's no secret that Microsoft has been actively supporting development of apps for iPhone and Android, but this is big: the company announced today that the Cortana digital assistant will be available for iPhone and Android smartphones later this year....

Hydrate Your Life with Plant Nanny Water-Reminder App

Who knew that fulfilling your basic human needs could be so fun? If you’re anything like me, drinking an adequate amount of water each day can be a surprisingly difficult task, especially when coffee is your main source of hydration....

Is 8 Megapixels Still Enough for the iPhone 6 Camera?

Like clockwork, the anti-Apple brigades are out there poking fun at the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus after last week’s unveiling. Most of what I’ve personally seen and heard is either half-truths or just people who, for some...

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