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Picxture of damaged macbook pro screen woth apple service page loaded

Water and MacBooks Don’t Mix: A Cautionary Tale

December of 2019 marks 35 years since I purchased my first Mac. In all that time, I’ve never had an accident with any of them…but this past Saturday, all it took was a simple bump of a glass of water on my desk, and now my new 16-inch MacBook Pro is “not so new.” I want to share my tale of woe and provide readers of The Rocket Yard with a few tips on what to do to minimize the chances of something like this happening to them.

Details on AppleCare+ for Upcoming Apple Watch

Photo by David Hilowitz, via Flickr. After all of the hype, the anticipation, and the waiting, pre-orders and demonstrations of the Apple Watch are only a week away. Next Friday — April 10, 2015 — you’ll be able to order...