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Work From Home Essentials: Choosing a UPS for Your Computer System

I’ve always used a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to protect my Mac and peripherals from loss of power, electrical surges, brownouts, and noise and glitches on the power coming into my Mac. Having this basic protection had likely kept me from losing data when power failures occurred, extended the life of my Mac, and allowed me to laugh in the face of danger, or at least the thunderstorm heading our way. A UPS is something that everyone should have to protect his or her computer(s) and equipment. In this Rocket Yard guide, we’ll take a look at UPS basics, features, and how to size a UPS for your needs

Lightning Does Strike Twice with OWC Weekender Specials

They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice. And to that, we here at OWC say… challenge accepted. Last week’s Weekender Specials featured an unbelievable price on Apple Genuine Lightning cables. And due to popular demand, we’ve brought the deal back for a...