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4 Productivity Tips for Mac Users

Most Mac users are pretty savvy. However, there’s always room for improvement. And if you want to maximize productivity, it helps to understand some of the different tricks and hacks that are available. Try These 4 Mac Productivity Tips For...

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How to Change Your Desktop Picture in macOS Catalina

Catalina Quick Tip My wife’s Mac’s desktop is so cluttered with files and folders that it’s impossible to see the desktop image. Mine isn’t. If yours isn’t and you want to change the desktop picture, it’s easy to do. In...

Mac Energy Saver lightbulb icon on top of Energy Saver Preferance Pane

Use the Mac’s Energy Saver Preference Pane

By making some adjustments in the Energy Saver preference pane, you can better tune your Mac to run at peak performance, save energy, reduce potential data loss when power fails, and extend the runtime and battery life of portable Macs. In this Rocket Yard guide, we will explore the Energy Saver preference pane and see how you can customize energy performance.

Messy macOS Desktop

Managing The Desktop: Tips for New Mac Users and Old Hands

The Mac has so many features that it’s not uncommon for new Mac users to overlook helpful tricks, as well as for old hands to simply forget about them. In this New Year, the Rocket Yard takes a look at often overlooked but surprisingly helpful tips for managing Mac's desktop.

Screenshot of halloween mac desktop saying "customize your desktop"

Customizing Catalina’s Desktop

You made it through the macOS Catalina installation, perhaps without any of the issues being reported by some users. Or if you did experience a few hiccups, you were able to resolve the issues and now Catalina is installed and working...

‘This is iMac’: Apple’s All-In-One Celebrates its 20th Birthday

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxwmF0OJ0vg?start=953] Twenty years ago today, Apple's first modern all-in-one desktop computer was released into the wild. The iMac was a drastic departure from the previous Mac offerings and initially proved to be divisive among the Apple community.  Designed by...

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