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OWC Joins iFixIt #FixAtHome Campaign

Time to fix those isolation blues—we’re getting creative! iFixit asked us to join their #FixAtHome challenge, and we’re all-in for some at-home repairs and upgrades. COVID-19 forces many people to Work From Home, and this state of self-isolation is not only unusual but also hard to bear for some. We’d like to inspire people to make good use of the current situation by fixing and updating the things they own—because the more people are at home, the more things are likely to break.

Seagate Hits 2 Billion In Hard Disk Drives Sold

Since they first were used commercially in 1956, Hard Disk Drives have seen exponential growth in capacity, with some models capable of storing multiple terabytes of data. The number of HDD units sold have seen a similar arc as demand...