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How to Move Your iTunes Library to an External Drive

Space, the final frontier. It may seem like an astronomically difficult problem, trying to keep enough free space on your Mac's startup drive, especially if you have a Mac with a small SSD. Space is precious, and one of the...

Rocket Yard Guide: iMac DIY vs. Apple Repair

The rest of your iMac is still working great, but the time has come to replace the hard drive inside your iMac. Maybe it’s died, is dying, or perhaps you’ve simply grown beyond its storage capacity and need a larger...

Cutaway view of internal HDD showing platter and read/write mechanism

Hard Drive Failures: How You Can Predict and Prepare for Them

It’s an inevitability that all HDDs eventually fail. However, being prepared for drive failure can lessen the potential impact on your workflow. SoftRAID, the premier software RAID solution, makes failure prediction possible with its built-in monitor. Most disks will start...

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