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Scared google chrome icon covering Jonathon Morris' face with a 2019 mac pro and two stacks of memory sticks

6,000 Tabs of Google Chrome vs. 1.5TB of OWC Memory. Who Will Win?

We had a simple question: What would happen if we pushed a top of the line, 28-core Mac Pro loaded with 1.5TB of OWC memory, to its limits? Which begged a second question: What exactly is the best way to do that? This latter inquiry was easy enough to answer. We just needed to reach out to our friend, Jonathan Morrison. He would know how to get to the bottom of this. What he devised was elegantly simple...

Mac Pro 2019 Rack Mounted with OWC Jupiter Calisto

OWC Confirms Available Memory Options for the New 2019 Mac Pro Rack

This past December, OWC announced its available memory options for the 2019 Mac Pro Tower. They now confirm compatibility with the 2019 Mac Pro Rack, offering up to 1.5TB of memory for the 24-core and 28-core Mac Pro 2019 and up to  1.0TB of OWC memory  for 8-, 12- and 16-core machines vs. Apple's factory options only available up to 768GB. OWC is proud to be the go-to for memory upgrades, having sold thousands of kits for the 2019 Mac Pro Tower since it was released, so if you need the best memory at the best price for your 2019 Mac Pro Rack, look no further!

iMac Pro with memory stick on the screen and caption, "512GB in an iMac Pro? Yep. Did that too."

Another Industry First for OWC Memory – Maxing Out the iMac Pro

Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO of OWC, is pleased to announce yet another industry first for the company. Maxing out iMac Pro memory. “Recently, we confirmed and began offering up to 1TB of memory for the 8, 12, and 16-Core 2019 Mac Pro models. A first in the industry as factory options are only available up to 768GB. Today, we’re announcing another industry first – OWC is doubling the maximum factory installed memory for the Apple iMac Pro."

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