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globe with earth day logo

Earth Week: Day 5 – Green Ideas From the OWC Team

Today marks the end of a busy Earth Week here at OWC. We've spent the past several days hitting topics such as the history of Earth Day, OWC's past and current environmental initiatives, and green creative projects we support. As...

Hot Read: ‘UrJar’ Gives Old Batteries New Life

Laptop batteries don’t last forever. And when upgrades are made, sometimes users still aren’t sure what to do with the original battery and ultimately throw them away creating unnecessary e-waste. One great alternative is recycling your battery locally. In fact, OWC...

Make An Effort For Earth Day

Odds are your kids will come home from school today with a globe made out of either macaroni, paper mache, or just a pile of glitter (which will show up for weeks in your bedding, on your TV remote, and...

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