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How to Store Old Photos and Preserve Precious Memories

Everyone looks back fondly on the past and the memories they have made with friends, family, and others. While memories are great, there are some things we might eventually forget or might become a little cloudy in our minds. As a result, many of us cherish the pictures from our childhood or the ones taken as we were growing up.

How to Make a Video: The Basics You Need to Start Creating

With many people across the world sheltering in place, we have come to rely on our content creators to fill in that void where we would normally be socializing with our families and friends, whether it’s full-length feature films or...

OWC ThunderBay 8 Drive Installation

VIDEO: OWC ThunderBay 8 Drive Installation

Last week's video introduced you to the ThunderBay 8 professional-grade Thunderbolt 3 storage enclosure. This week we show you just how easy it is to install 2.5” and 3.5” drives into this capacity behemoth.

How to Fix Your Storage Enclosure at Home

Have you found yourself at home, looking for a project to take up some time? Are you the adventurous type and a little bit handy? Do you have a drive enclosure that needs some love? If so, perhaps this DIY...

Picture of an OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dock on a desk near a MacBook Pro

OWC Introduces the Mercury Elite Pro Dock

7-port Thunderbolt 3 dock and dual-drive RAID solution with up to 28TB of capacity OWC announces the availability of the all-new OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dock. Incredible dual-drive RAID data storage up to 28TB combined with an integrated 7-port dock delivers...

Upgrade, Reuse, Recycle: Earth Day Friendly Solutions

49 years ago, April 22, 1970, Earth Day was born, at a time when many cities in the US were covered in hazy smog. Pollution in many forms was contributing to environmental problems, causing health concerns, and many species were becoming...

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