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Wireless Charging May Not Be the Answer

We have many great conveniences today, so is it necessary or beneficial for wireless power to be one of them? Outside of sealed, low power devices where a physical connection would be a detriment, I would personally say no. The little things add up, and wireless charging could be an unneeded step back for a world trying to address its carbon footprint.

A Deep Dive Into Tuesday’s Apple iPhone X Event

By now you’ve read the “quick hit” live blog from yesterday’s Apple iPhone X event, and you may have very well watched the event livestream. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the announcements and their importance to...

A Look at the Future of Wireless Charging

Note: The following is part two of the Rocket Yard’s series looking into wireless charging. This article will focus on emerging wireless technologies. Wireless charging is far from perfect. Last month, we discussed on the Rocket Yard some of the flaws...

For Charging Your Mobile Devices, Cables Are the Current King

Note: The following is part one of OWC’s series looking into various Wireless charging technologies. This article will focus on inductive charging. If there is one thing that users loathe when using their electronic devices, it’s an interruption. Those pesky interruptions...