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Mac Catalyst: iPad Apps, Now on Mac

Mac Catalyst Adds iPad Apps to Catalina

Do you sometimes wish that those great apps that you have on your iPad would have a native counterpart on your Mac? Mac Catalyst is a feature that allows iPad developers to easily port their apps to macOS, and there are already a number of apps available that mirror their iPadOS counterparts. Let's take a look at how Apple is marketing Catalyst to iPad developers as a way of increasing the market size for their apps, as well as some of the Catalyst apps that are available on the Mac App Store.

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Apple: Developers Should Validate Their Copy of Xcode

If you use Xcode to write apps for any Apple device, the company wants you to validate your version of Xcode and make sure that you never download a copy from anywhere else. Rocket Yard readers are probably aware of recent...

Update on Software Update

It turns out that Apple wasn’t content to simply release iOS 6 yesterday; Many OS X users were treated to updates as well. Granted, many of these updates added more interoperability with iOS 6, but each of these updates also...