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Falling Prices V: A New Beginning

Friday, August 21st, 2009 | Author:

falling_otgAbout a month or so ago, we had a series of price drops across our line of external enclosures. Well, the trend continues, this time extending into our popular Mercury On-The-Go Pro series. I’m a big fan of these drives, owning a couple for several years now, and these new prices have me looking at purchasing yet another one to compliment my new MacBook Pro.

I’m not alone in praising the On-The-Go Pro; it has received praise from the likes of MacFormat UK, The Mac Observer, Photoshop User, CNET and Macworld. It has even been used by Macworld as the drive to beat when comparing  other portables. Why all the love? Let’s take a look at what this pocket-sized powerhouse offers:

  • FireWire and USB 2.0 connectivity - No matter what computer you want to hook it up to, the Mercury On-The-Go Pro can accommodate. Whether you want to use the fast FireWire connection or the near-ubiquitous USB 2.0, the OTG (as we like to call it around these parts) can not only connect, but it can even be powered by your bus of choice. Leave that tag along AC adapter at home!
  • Fully Bootable - This is great for backing up your system on the road. If something happens to your main drive and you’ve cloned your system to the Mercury On-The-Go Pro, all you need to is hook it up and you can continue working as if you were running off your internal drive.
  • Fast, Fast, Fast - The Mercury On-The-Go Pro features Oxford Performance chipsets (FireWire), and the best qualified HD mechanisms for optimum performance and reliability.
  • Made for travel - The small form factor lets you conveniently stow it in your laptop bag, a desk drawer, or even your shirt pocket! Its shock absorbing design further protects the drive (and your valuable data) from the rigors of day-to-day travel.
  • Backup software included - Backing up with the Mercury On-The-Go Pro is even easier with the included software bundle. We include the full retail versions of Prosoft DataBackup III ($59 retail value) for OS X and NovaStor NovaBackup ($49 retail value) for Windows. Also included is the Intech HD Speedtools performance suite and Carbon Copy Cloner. None of these applications are required to use the drive, but they are excellent applications to have in your utilities library.
  • Accessories included - The Mercury On-The-Go Pro comes with all the cables you need to use the drive right out of the box. We even include a nice carrying case to keep it all together when you’re on the road.
  • 3-Year Warranty - OWC stands behind its products. The Mercury On-The-Go Pro is covered with an industry leading 3-Year Full Solution Warranty.
  • The Mercury On-The-Go Pro also qualifies for our exclusive Prosoft Drive Genius offer! Buy Drive Genius now for as low as $25 with purchase of a qualifying storage product – That’s up to 74% off retail price, up to 37% off OWC’s lowest normal selling price! This isn’t a “limited/non-support” version, either – it’s the full retail version! It’s a great deal on a great product.

Now that we’ve established what makes the On-The-Go Pro so popular, let’s take a look at the great new prices that will make the On-The-Go Pro.

Built for performance, reliability, and durability, the Mercury On-The-Go models have been recognized with top reviews and include ‘Very Good’, ‘Gear of the Year’, and Editor’s Choice award bestowments. Bus Powered, Pocket Sized – High Capacity Storage in the palm of your hand!

Double Feature – further falling prices!

You may recall that the original set of price drops were for the NewerTech miniStack. Well, aficionados of hard drives with integrated FireWire and USB hubs can rejoice – we have even more price reduction on these to announce.

That’s two drive series Price Drops in one post! In these economic times, every penny counts, so we here at OWC are making sure you get the best bang for your buck every day!

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